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Along the Mt Beacon Incline

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Situated on scenic Mount Beacon in New York States Hudson River Valley is a great American achievement and engineering marvel almost lost to history. Opened in 1902, the Mount Beacon Incline Railway served locals, revelers, sightseers, and vacationers for nearly 100 years, riding them to the pinnacle of Mount Beacon for a 75-mile panoramic view, among other attractions. The incline was constructed when trains were king, and undeniably it emerged as a grand tourist destination; its notoriety was widespread, even earning the prized position as background of the majestic Empire State flag, as seen today. Eventually, the railway ceased operation and was shuttered. Today, with the planned restorative work of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society (MBIRRS), the prospect of reinstallation remains high. Along the Mount Beacon Incline Railway is a record to the celebrated history, preservation, and future of the railway in its natural setting.