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Grand Trunk 3-in-1 Thermaquilt

Grand Trunk 3-in-1 Thermaquilt

$ 99.95
Don’t let cold weather keep you inside when you can turn your hammock into a warm, cozy cocoon with our versatile hammock underquilt and overquilt. The Grand Trunk 360° ThermaQuilt completely wraps around any hammock and cinches at the ends to keep the warm air in and cold air out. Or lay it flat to use as a tech blanket or traditional sleeping bag. Our underquilt works with almost any camping, outdoor or backyard hammock. Zip into warmth and stretch out underneath the stars; you’ll be well-rested for the new day’s journey!


Versatile design can be used as hammock underquilt/overquilt, sleeping bag or blanket
Stay warm & dry in temperatures as low as 40 degrees
Cord tunnel with cinch lock to keep the breeze out
Water Resistant

Tech Specs

Outer Material: 20 Ripstop Nylon with DWR coating
Insulation: Synthetic 140 GSM fill rated down to 40 degrees
Capacity: 500 lbs
Weight: 29 oz / 822 g
Unfolded Dimensions (blanket): 5’4” x 6’8”
Sleeping Bag Dimensions: 2'2" x 6'8"
Stuffed Dimensions: 7.5” x 15”