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ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip

$ 39.95
ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip are truly the next generation in winter traction footwear. The innovative Diamond Bead design provides aggressive traction for all winter walking conditions. Great for users that have to transition from bare concrete, gravel and mud to snow and ice covered surfaces. They are easy to put on and take off, yet fit snugly and stay on without the need for additional straps. Diamond Grips are also self clearing, so there is no snow or ice buildup. They work on all types of footwear, from casual and dress shoes to running shoes and work boots. The Diamond Grips are essential winter traction gear!

Patented Diamond Bead design provides hundreds of biting edges for superior traction in ALL snow and ice conditions
Comfortable for prolonged use
Durable rubber sling remains elastic in sub zero temperatures
Easy ON & OFF
For use with regular boots, add one shoe size; for use with insulated boots, add two shoe sizes

Small  5-6  5-7
Medium  6.5-9  7.5-10
Large  9.5-12.5  10.5-UP
X-Large  13-UP