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Leki Legacy Lady Poles

$ 99.95
Ideal for cost-conscious female hikers and backpackers seeking step up performance, LEKI Women's Legacy Lite CORTEC trekking poles offer reliable, durable aluminum construction, and user-friendly locks.

These poles feature CORTEC EVOCON PAS grips. These textured grips have an ergonomic shape and a quick-release strap system for safety.

By utilizing the integrated easy-to-use Speed Lock levers, you can adjust the length of the telescoping poles from 35.4"-49.2”.

Carbide flex tips deflect up to 30 degrees without damaging the lower pole sections. This reduces the risk of shaft breakage if the pole should get caught between rocks or tree roots on the trail. LEKI Trekking Basket 2.0’s are included and are interchangeable with other baskets (sold separately).

The poles are treated with a matte coat and an Eloxal finish to protect them from scratches and weather while providing a polished look.

LEKI Women's Legacy Lite CORTEC trekking poles are sold in pairs.