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OR Meteor Glove

$ 78.95
We don’t discriminate. When we nailed the design of our versatile, warm, convertible Meteor Mitts (according to our customers), we saw no reason that glove people shouldn’t be able to share in the fun. So here they are: a removable 300-weight fleece liner with a flip-top thumb and index finger that plugs into a breathable waterproof Ventia shell with removable leash and a SuperCinch gauntlet. Same heart and soul as the mittens, just a few more digits.

Fabric :
Ventia™ Insert – 100% nylon shell – AlpenGrip® LT Palm
100% polyester tricot lining
100% polyester 300-weight fleece liner
Weight :
10.6oz / 300g Avg. Weight for size L